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Aeration & Overseeding Millstadt

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Aeration & Seeding

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & Overseeding Gives Your Lawn More:

Nutrients, Water, Oxygen, & more

Your Complete Aeration & Overseeding Millstadt

If your soil is compacted, the solution is straightforward: aeration. Our aerators remove cores of soil, leaving small holes or cavities in the lawn deep within the soil. Core aeration allows much needed nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deeply into the roots of your lawn. Also, compacted soil contributes to the lack of earthworms and other decomposing organisms which in turn leads to the accumulation of thatch. Over-seeding is usually performed immediately after aeration. Lawn seeding is great for filling in those bare spots in your lawn and compensates for the natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction. A thick healthy lawn is the best way to strangle those unwanted weeds. Lawn Dog Lawn Care is the aeration & overseeding Millstadt company to call if your lawn is looking bare and brown! 


Aeration is a method that is used to compensate for the thatch that builds up overtime. The process involves pulling small plugs of soil out of the ground throughout your entire yard. This creates holes in the thatch, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the roots deep in the soil, helping your grass thrive.

After aeration, we take advantage of conditions for seed germination. Our professionals will seed your lawn offering the opportunity for the new roots to reach deep down into the soil and establish a strong root system. These seeds will then transform into a thick layer of turf, which will not only look healthy and green but also prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.

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Aeration & Overseeding

Benefits of Aeration & Overseeding

  • Get a fuller, greener lawn
  • Fill in bare spots or thin areas of your lawn
  • Naturally break up thatch
  • Naturally prevent weeds and disease
  • Lawn aeration provides the optimal conditions for grass seed germination

When should I Aerate?

Lawn aeration companies will aerate and seed in the fall to ensure maximum effect. With no proper yearly aeration, seeds will take longer to germinate and lead to overall less healthy grass. By aerating in the fall, the seeds you plant will be ready to thrive during the next growing season and produce the lush green lawn you have always wanted. Lawn care is not complete without yearly aeration and overseeding.

Your Complete Aeration & Overseeding Millstadt

Lawn Dog Lawn Care offers aeration & overseeding services in the following areas of Madison County Aeration & Overseeding and St Clair County Aeration & Overseeding.


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