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Knawel Weed Lawn Spray Companies


What to Look For: Sharp, pointed narrow leaves that bend downward. Low spreading, wiry, and bushy, Flowers are small, green, and form a spiny bur in the leaf. Growth Period: March through

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Creeping Woodsorrel Weed Lawn Spray Companies

Creeping Woodsorrel

What to Look For: Leaves come in threes and are reddish-hued and heart-shaped. They are hairy. Flowers are small, bright yellow, and have 5 petals. Growth Period: Mid-spring to mid-fall

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Black Medic Weed Lawn Spray Companies

Black Medic Weed

What to Look For: Clover like appearance with small bright yellow flower clusters. Low growing, with heavy trailing stems. Leaves are in groups of three with a center leaf on

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