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Growing Grass for a Healthy Lawn

Do you have trouble growing grass and keeping it healthy? Your front lawn is usually the first thing people see when they come to your home. You want it to be beautiful and green, but foot traffic caused by people and pets alike can cause wear and tear that damages your grass. But having kids who spend their days playing on the lawn or pets who run through your backyard daily doesn’t mean you can’t have the green lawn of your dreams. There are ways to start growing grass that’s strong, healthy and uniform, even in high traffic areas. The secret to achieving and maintaining that perfect lawn is by growing durable grass using the correct seeds and fertilizer. 

How to Grow Durable Grass

Growing grass that’s beautiful, healthy, and durable requires more than just regular mowing. You reduce the risk of patches and make sure your lawn looks presentable 24/7 by taking a few different factors into consideration.

  • The type of grass seed you use: Different types of grass have a better chance of resisting damage. You can find grass that is both lush, green and beautiful to look at while also being tough enough to go up against the activity of children and pets. People in northern states might consider using Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue for transition states, and Bermudagrass for southern states. Be sure to do your research to find a durable grass you like and you’ll have a much easier time growing grass in high traffic areas. 
  • Regular lawn maintenance: Grass that grows in high traffic areas will need a lot of upkeep to making sure it stays looking good. This can include methods such as regular watering and mowing, but it can also include so much more. You can use aeration to break up the air pockets in the solid that stunts growth. You can also use a fertilizer to make the grass grow quicker.

You may want to consider hiring a lawn care company that specializes in fertilization. Lawn Dog offers a lawn fertilization service so you can have a lawn that the whole neighborhood will be envious of.

Growing Grass Through Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Dog employs a lawn fertilization service that’s guaranteed to help you start growing grass that’s both beautiful and strong. It can be a big task to take on when people try to completely fertilize their lawn by themselves, so that’s why we’re here to help.

We use multi-treatment fertilizer to make sure your lawn is staying healthy at all times. We customize each job to better deal with the factors that can threaten your lawn such as environmental conditions, soil moisture, insects, diseases, and weeds. Investing in proper lawn fertilization will not only ensure that you’re growing grass faster, it’ll offer a variety of other benefits to your grass such as:

  • Lush, vibrant color
  • Higher density
  • Healthier growth
  • Less recovery time when damaged
  • Resistance to environmental stresses

To contact Lawn Dog and see how you can book your appointment now, you can visit our website at https://mylawndog.com/lawn-care-fertilization/ or call our number at (618) 248-4441.

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