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Brown Patch

What to Watch Out For: Brown Patch

By: Michael Brantley, Client Relationship Manager

As summer is approaching, and with the very wet month we have had, there are a few things we want to make sure homeowners are on the lookout for that could cause bigger issues to your lawn if not seen, diagnosed and treated properly.

Brown Patch

Brown patch occurs when we have high evening temperatures (above 65F) and when the grass is wet for extended periods of time. When brown patch develops, you often see brown or olive-green circular patches in your lawn. After warm humid nights, a gray band of mold may be visible on the perimeter of the patches. When you look closer at the grass blades, you will be able to see individual lesions that are brown in color. Especially on Tall Fescue.

What You Can Do to Help Combat Brown Patch

Improve air circulation to your grass by aerating to loosen up the soil. This will also help with the overall health of the grass by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the root system of the turfgrass.

Schedule your irrigation to avoid long periods of wetness. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning between 6 and 10 a.m.! Watering in the afternoon can lead to wasteful evaporation, not to mention that if it’s hot enough outside, the water droplets can act like a magnifying glass and potentially cause burning on your grass blades. Watering at night also comes with its own set of problems. Water droplets can cling to the grass blades overnight, which will lead to increased chances of fungus and lawn disease and we do not want that!

Sticking to these practices, along with a fungicide and proper fertilization, will help knock brown patch out and have your grass looking great again in no time!

How Lawn Dog Can Help

Like we said above, alongside the practices above, proper fertilization and fungicide application are instrumental in keeping brown patch out of your lawn! A healthy lawn has so many benefits (on top of just looking nice) and our team of lawn experts would love the opportunity to help! If you’re interested in having the best yard in the neighborhood, give us a call at 618-307-6679 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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